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Teacher Qualifications in Maryland

There are 3 professional certificates available in Maryland:

Standard Professional Certificate I and II
Teachers teaching a core academic subject (reading, mathematics, writing) must hold a valid certificate to teach in Maryland.

The Standard Professional Certificate I is issued to an applicant who meets all certification requirements and is employed by a Maryland local school system or an accredited non-public school.

The Standard Professional Certificate II requires 3 years of satisfactory, professional school-related experience plus 6 hours of acceptable credit and a professional development plan for the Advanced Professional Certificate.

Advanced Professional Certificate
Requires verification of 3 years of full-time professional school-related experience, 6 semester hours of acceptable credit; and a master’s degree, or a minimum of 36 semester hours of post baccalaureate course work which must include at least 21 hours of graduate credit. (The remaining 15 semester hours may include graduate or undergraduate course work and/or Maryland State Department of Education Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits, or obtained National Board Certification and earned a minimum of 12 semester hours of approved graduate course work earned after the conferral of the bachelor degree.

Resident Teacher Certificate
Issued to an applicant who has been selected by a local school system in a specialized program.

Conditional Certificate
Issued only at the request of a local school system superintendent to an applicant employed in a local school system who does not meet all certification requirements.

The teacher totals reflected in each of these categories, are the number of teachers with credentials teaching core academic subjects as defined by the Federal government. These subjects are English, Reading or Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Foreign Languages, Civic and Government, Economics, Arts, History and Geography. Teachers teaching other subjects are not in these totals.