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Participation Rate for School Progress

A 95% participation rate is required. The participation rate calculation is based on the number of students enrolled during the testing window. Beginning with the baseline year of 2010-2011, Maryland’s new accountability program ensures 100% participation by including all enrolled students, even absent students, in School Progress calculations. This was achieved by assigning a "basic" performance level to any student absent for the primary and makeup test administrations. Maryland's method for checking and ensuring a 95% participation rate remains unchanged. Participation rate is computed for each subgroup, and in the aggregate, for each of the reading and mathematics assessments by dividing the number of enrolled students in each testing group by the number of enrolled students in that group. The participation rate is calculated for each subgroup and for the aggregate separately in each of reading and mathematics assessments where a group includes at least:

  1. 30 students for schools with one grade tested,
  2. 60 students for schools with two or more grades tested, or
  3. 60 students for school systems.

Groups not meeting the minimum criteria listed are not checked for participation rate. (Please note the minimum group size (N) for checking performance has not changed; it remains 5.)