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SPI Indicator: College- and Career-Readiness

College- and Career-Readiness represent a combination of measures that ensure students are college and career ready upon graduation.

College- and Career-Readiness consist of the 5-Year Adjusted Cohort Graduation Rate and College and Career Preparation (CCP).

CCP is a measurement of a student's success in one of the following areas: Advance Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate Program; Career and Technology Education (CTE) Concentrators; or College Enrollment. Students who have exited high school with a Maryland State High School Diploma are counted as being successful for CCP when the student achieves at least one of the following:

  • AP: Earned a score of 3 or greater on an (AP) exam or IB: Earned a score of 4 or greater on an IB exam;
  • CTE Concentrators: Attained advanced standing (enrolled in the third course of the program) in a State-approved Career and Technology Education program of study; or
  • College Enrollment: Subsequently entered a post-secondary institution within 16 months of high school graduation.