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Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs) for Growth Indicator

The Growth targets are on a trajectory toward 2017, the time by which each individual school is expected to reduce by half its percent of students not showing Growth. Targets are calculated for both Mathematics and English/Language Arts. For the baseline year a Growth Rate is calculated by comparing a student's performance in the current year and prior year and then dividing the sum of all students whose performance was equal to or better than the previous year by the total number of students. When a school's baseline target for either content is extraordinarily high (in this case 95 percent or higher), then the LEA level target or State level target (lowest of the two) will be used. The goal for the Growth Rate is 100 percent.

All Students Base Yr + (((1 - ((1 - All Students Base Yr) / 2)) - All Students Base Yr) / 6)