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High School Assessments (HSA)

The High School Assessments are end-of-course tests that students take as they complete the appropriate high school level course. All students including middle school students taking high school level courses, must take the High School Assessment after they complete the appropriate course. These courses currently include English, government, algebra/data analysis, and biology.

All students receive a score for each test they take. Scores are also reported for the state, school systems, and schools. The passing scale scores for all four of the content areas have been established. They are as follows:

Algebra 412
Biology 400
English 396
Government 394

Public Release Forms, sample test items, and additional information may be found on the School Improvement in Maryland Web site at http://mdk12.msde.maryland.gov/assessments/high_school/index_b.html, http://mdk12.msde.maryland.gov/assessments/high_school/index.html, and the Maryland State Department of Education Web site at http://www.msde.maryland.gov.