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Technical Tips and Software

Below are tips for using this site including how to printing and software suggestions.

Trouble Printing?

We would like feedback if you have difficulty printing and can not find the solution below. Please send an email to with a description of:

• Type of printer
• Nature of problem
• Page URL

Printing Adobe Acrobat PDF Files

If the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader software is installed on your computer as a plug in, the browser will download the file and display it in the browser window. If Acrobat is installed as a “helper application,” clicking on a PDF file starts a new window and then Acrobat downloads the file to display it. Use the toolbar that is directly connected to the browser for best results in printing.

To download the file without displaying it in your browser, “right-click” on a link to the PDF file and direct your computer to download the file. You will be prompted to indicate where to place the file. After it is downloaded, click on the file. The Acrobat reader will pop it up as an application from which you can print. This may be faster when you plan to download a series of PDF files.

If you need the plug-in, you can download it with self-help instructions.

Get Acrobat Reader

Printing Background Colors

Some data tables on use color to indicate information. They are designed to be printed on color or black and white printers. If your printer is not printing the color backgrounds try adjusting the following settings in your browser.

Internet Explorer 8: From the 'Tools' menu on your browser, select 'Internet Options'. Click on the 'Advanced' tab, then scroll to the heading titled 'Printing'. Click on the box that reads 'Print background colors and images'. Click 'Apply', then click 'Ok'.

Information about MSP Zipped Data Files

The zipped files are files that are compressed to save space. These files may be expanded using decompression tools such as WinZip or StuffIt.