About Data Summaries

This page functions best with JavaScript enabled. If JavaScript is not enabled, all data will display but some functionality will be limited.

Each Data set is identified in the large titles such as HSA Snapshot and Attendance.

The page loads with the data displayed for All Students.

Clicking on the Grades will display data grouped by subgroups. Subgroups without data are not displayed

Example of Update button
Example of Clear All button
To view a limited number of subgroups select the groups in the form on the right side of the page and click UPDATE. Only selected subgroups and ALL Students will appear on the page until CLEAR ALL is checked.
Example of data exception Some Data sets contain small bar graphs that show the past 4 year results. These graphs are meant to give a quick view of the data trends. The bar closest to the percentage represents the current year.
mouse clicking on graph A more detailed and larger view of the data is easily accessible by clicking on the graph.
Example of data exception

A bullet appears in place of a bar when an exception occurred in that years data. Often times there were too few students in the group to report a percentage. In all cases clicking on the graph will bring you to a larger, in depth view of the data.

An absent graph line indicates there were no results for that year.


Example of data exception

Some graphs have more than one color. For example the graph above represents the Percent of Students Passing MSA Reading in Grade 3. The light green reflects the percent of students whose performance was "advanced". The dark blue represents the percent of students whose performance was "proficient". The bars from left to right represent the past to current years of data. The number is a calculation of advanced plus proficient for this year.

A link to DEFINITIONS at the bottom of all data pages provides further details on terminology.